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【Remix】MMBN2 - VS. Gospel ロックマンエグゼ2 - ゴスペル戦BGM アレンジ

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Edilene Ceres
Edilene Ceres
09 Dec 2019

This is Gospel battle theme remix from Mega Man Battle Network 2.
remixed/arranged by me
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※Re-uploads (extended version, nightcore version, mash-up, etc.) and the use without my permission are NOT allowed.

Original song : https://youtu.be/Bmms2Zfa2RY
Original Composition : Yoshino Aoki

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PC: Windows7
DAW: Cubase6.5
Plugins: RealLPC, RealGuitar, QLSO, KONTAKT5, FM8, Massive, HALion4, Guitar Rig 5, AddictiveDrums, Groove Agent One, Battery3, Waves(Diamond), etc.

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